Long Beach, IN

Bob and Kathy in Long Beach, IN were referred to our team by a family friend. This 3-story roofing project took one week to complete from setup to cleanup. At Weldon Roofing & Construction, we love clients like Bob and Kathy, and they loved how their new roof turned out!

Valparaiso, IN

When Dwight in Valparaiso gave our team at Weldon Roofing & Construction a call, he was experiencing leaks in various parts of his home. After completing his free estimate and walking him through the condition of his roof, we were able to get him on our schedule within the week! The Weldon Roofing team replaced all of the damages and gave his roof a much needed makeover, leaving his home protected and leak-free.

Portage, IN

As one of Weldon Roofing & Construction's first jobs of the year, we love how this new roof on Scott's home in Portage turned out. Scott is a personal friend of our team at Weldon Roofing, and we were happy to help him protect his home with a new roof for years to come!

Kalamazoo, MI

Our team at Weldon Roofing & Construction was happy to give this young couple in Kalamazoo a brand new roof. They were referred to us by another contractor, and we were able to update their roof with beautiful materials that matched their amazing stone home. They won't have to worry about their roof again for a long time!

La Porte, IN

We love our referrals! John was referred to Weldon Roofing & Construction from some of our previous customers, and we were able to give him a brand new roof the very next week. Not only that, but our team of experienced roofers knocked this project out in just one day! We're confident that John will be the one doing the referring next time!

Dowagiac, MI

This roofing project in Dowagiac was also brought to Weldon Roofing & Construction by a referral from a subcontractor. While we were almost able to complete the chimney fleshing and other repairs in just one day, an extra day was needed to make sure that this flat roof was perfectly finished! Peel and stick flat roof is one of Weldon Roofing's specialities, and this project turned out great.

New Buffalo, MI

When Susan in New Buffalo contacted our team at Weldon Roofing & Construction, she was experiencing leaks in her dayroom. We discovered that the material wasn't properly installed, and we were able to give her a new premium roof using commercial-grade materials. The new roof looks great and will last - with no more leaks - for years to come!